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Canada: National Foundation for Family Research and Education
Focus On the Family Canada
Real Women Canada
Canadian Family Action Coalition

United States:

American Family Association News

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Focus On the Family (Dr. Dobson)
Family Research Council
The Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society
Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute
Eagle Forum


World Congress of Families II



Canada: Campaign Life Coalition News
Youth For Life International

United States:

News from the American Life League

Inter Life


Human Life International


National Post

Canadian Report NewsMagazine
Essential Talk
The HANSARD Parliament Hill
The HANSARD Ontario Legislature
The Canadian Conservative Forum
The Toronto Sun
The Toronto Star
Il Corriere Canadese
Yahoo News
Catholic Insight Magazine
London Free Press
The Ottawa Citizen

United States:

Enter Stage Right

The Federalist
The New American
Conservative News Service (CNS)
Town Hall Conservative News
The Insight Magazine
News Max
ABC News
The New York Times
USA Today
Washington Post
The Washington Times


World Net Daily

Vatican News Service
Daily Telegraph (UK)
Corriere della Sera
Jewish World Review

If you are disturbed about "graphic" content on the net, or you are receiving too many "suggestive" E-mails, you may want to protect yourself and your family.  Click on the link below.  Giuseppe.