Name Place lived Birth - Death
Scenia Albertha NEWALLO RODRIGUEZ PEREIRA  Trinidad, Guyana, Canada 1923/08/16 - 2004/04/03
Originally named "Siena", as she was born on August 16th, the day of the "Palio" of Siena.
(married to George Pius Gomes)

Scenia was the daughter of Charles Newallo and Carmelita Conception Rodriguez-Pereira.  


She lived in Port of Spain, Trinidad and eloped with Pius Gomes to get married at the age of 17.  They first lived with her sister Anna May, then with his mother May.   Later, in 1949, she followed her husband when he had the opportunity to run a film distribution company in Georgetown Guyana.

She had six daughters and one son.   In 1975, after her first two daughters, Greer and Susan, established in Scarborough, she and the family immigrated to Canada.


A recent photograph of Scenia (2000)

In Canada she ran the household in her condominium in  Crescent Town (Scarborough), with the two younger daughters, Audrey and Lisa, still going to high school. 

Later, she dedicated herself to taking care of her husband who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  After 1984, she spent every day at the hospital with her husband.





After her husband's death in 1992, her health started deteriorating.  In 1999 she was diagnosed herself with Alzheimer disease and, unfortunately, she kept losing her memory.  In March 2004, as she was being looked after by her daughter Greer, her disease started taking over her physical functions. She started having problems stepping up, then walking, then sitting and finally, as she was confined to a bed, she started having difficulty eating.  On April 3rd, as Greer was attending her, she stopped breathing.  Immediate efforts to revive her failed.  

She was buried near her husband Pius at the Holy Cross cemetery in Toronto (Richmond Hill).










Here are some of her grandchildren in 1989:
Standing: Mariangela Gori, Joseph Hameed,< friend>, David Hameed, Mark Shteinberg, Mark Hameed,
On the sofa:  <friend>, <friend>, MariaChristina Gori, Simone Williams, Elana Shteinberg, <cousin>,
On the floor: Francesco Gori, Adam Williams, Anna Gori, Daniel Williams, Matthew Hameed.
Missing are the four children of Gregory Gomes and the four children of Jennifer Wrong.