Name Place lived Birth - Death
George Pius GOMES


Port of Spain - Trinidad, Georgetown - Guyana, Scarborough - Ontario.

7/11/1922 - 5/5/1992


Married to Scenia Newallo-Rodriguez-Medina


George Pius Gomes was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, on July 11, 1922.  "Pope", as he was affectionately called, was the loving husband of Scenia Albertha (Newallo). He had seven children, which were raised in a Catholic environment where strong Christian values and standards were emphasized.

He started working in a Cinema in various jobs, and he learnt the business in Trinidad and acquired trust as an honest, hard working man.  When a distributorship opportunity opened in Georgetown, Guyana, he moved his family there and became the distributor for Guyana of the major motion picture companies, including MGM and Paramount.  By continuous hard work he was able to buy a small house,  enlarge it to include the business offices and save enough money to invest in a piece of land in Trinidad.

Pius in 1948


Pius in 1975

When the riots started in Guyana, his oldest daughter Greer, with the two youngest daughters Audrey and Lisa, went to Trinidad and supervised the building on a new house there.  However the family would never live in the new house, as it was sold when the family decided to move to Canada in the early seventies.  After his daughters Greer and Susan established in Toronto, he eventually immigrated to Canada in 1975.


The family moved to a condominium in Crescent Town, Scarborough.  Soon after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  After being looked after at home until 1986, he was eventually hospitalized and spent the last eight years of his life in hospital, under the constant supervision of his wife Scenia.


Pius Gomes in 1981