Name Place lived Birth - Death
Giuseppe Augusto GORI


Arezzo, Certaldo, Perugia, Pisa - Italy, Scarborough - Ontario, Acton - Ontario.

17/04/1950 - 


Married to Greer Kathleen Gomes

   Giuseppe Augusto Gori was born in Arezzo, Italy, on April 17, 1950 in the private clinic "San Giuseppe". 

   He was given the names of his father, as his father died of a car accident on February 5th 1950, just two months earlier.

   Giuseppe was soon brought to Certaldo, where his mother Angiola lived in the paternal home of nonno Antonio and nonna Clorinda.  Once Clorinda died, in 1953, Angiola took care of her father in law Antonio until he died in 1961.

   Giuseppe enjoyed life in Certaldo.  He played and rode his bicycle in his grandfather back yard, played in the large cages of birds his grandfather had built and visited the farms with his grandfather and his uncle "zio Gigi".  He attended maternal school by the sisters of St. Maria Bambina in Certaldo where he later completed grade one to three.

Giuseppe in 1950

At the age of eight, he was sent to the "Collegio ONAOSI", a boarding school for orphans of doctors in Perugia, about three hours away from his family. His mother  came to visit him, at least once every school period, and he was allowed to go home for a few days at the beginning of November, at Christmas time and at Easter. However, in the summers Giuseppe used to go back home and live with his mother first in Certaldo and then in Arezzo. 

The Collegio had its own grade six to eight, but for high school (grades nine to thirteen), the children were accompanied (on foot) to attended one of the public schools in Perugia.  Giuseppe chose the Scientific "Liceo" as he had an aptitude and interest in science and technology.

   During this time he also was often picked up at the college by his uncles, zio Goro and zia Milena who brought him to spend a Sunday at their home, where his cousins Emilia, Rita, Mario and Vincenzo where happy to have a new friend to play chess or ping-pong.