Name Place lived Birth - Death
Xxxx LACAILLE Normandy, Martinique, Trinidad.

~1820 - ?

Married to Antoinette Eloise

Mr. Lacaille, a French man with unknown first name, migrated to Trinidad via Martinique.  He traveled from Normandy to Trinidad years after the king of Spain issued the famous Cedula of Population in 1783, encouraging the settlement of Trinidad by foreign immigrants who were Roman Catholics and from countries in alliance with Spain.  People of French descent and free blacks took advantage of the Spanish government's offer of land grants for their families, children and slaves.

It seems that when Lacaille reached Trinidad, he wanted to buy a property that William Scott had for sale near Dry River, Port of Spain.  However, he was advised to go into cocoa production, as top prices were being paid for cocoa.  He took the advice and settled at "La Soledad Estate", a cocoa estate in Sum Sum Hill, Claxton Bay.

Lacaille had five known children with Antoinette Eloise, a woman of African descent from one of the french-speaking islands.

It is believed that the family later moved to an estate in Cunupia, where his first child "Popo" settled.