Name Place lived Birth - Death
Charles Augustus NEWALLO Trinidad.

~1874 - 1958

Married to Mary of Williamsville  and later to Charlotte PRIETO

Charles (known as Charlie) was born probably on August 17, 1874.  He was the first born of Marie Antoinette Lacaille and Alloy Newallo, an immigrant from China.  He married Mary when he was about 18 years old.  The French Creoles dominated the culture at the time and he dressed in cream suits to go to High Mass at the cathedral on Sundays.

Charlie, builder, quarry owner, healer and bon vivant, fitted the Creole culture.  Charlie was one of the contractors for the extension of the railway line from San Fernando through the oil areas to Siparia.  Through the railway project he met Jules Ache, who married his sister Edolyn.  Charlie owned the first bus service in Trinidad in 1910, from Siparia to San Fernando, and was the first local businessman to own a race horse.

Charlie also owned a quarry supplying sand and gravel in San Juan.  He bought land in San Juan, which was inexpensive at the time, developed it and built homes.  The area would be known soon as Newalloville.  He laid pipes in Newalloville at his own expense and brought  water to owners who previously did not have access, without asking to be reimbursed.  He was a kind hearted and charitable man.

Charlie had knowledge of herbal medicine and was attributed the gift of healing.   Charlie had an irresistible personality and savoir faire.  As you can see from the genealogy, he had at least 25 children from two wives and different other women.  He died at Newalloville on May 26th 1958.