Name Place lived Birth - Death
Antonio GORI Certaldo

~1830 - ~1910

(married to Giulia)

Antonio Gori was a farmer in Certaldo, married to Giulia.  While Antonio kept working as a farmer, probably in the "Lama" farm about two kilometers from the new village center, close to the river Elsa.  His wife Giulia started working "on the side" as a maid. 

When they saved enough money, they bought their own farm, on the way to Castelfiorentino, about four kilometers outside of town.  This was the farm that would eventually raise his grandson Antonio (il "frucolino") to a higher standard of living, as this farm was rich in clay, that could be used to make bricks.  They then bought back the "Lama" farm where they were probably born as "contadini" (servant farmers).  The house on the Lama farm was closer to town and probably a better house.  It included two large storage rooms and a stable on the ground floor.   A steep stairway led to the first floor, where you had two bedrooms on each side and a large kitchen/dining room on the back.  The bathroom was not far from the house. 

Soon they established their residence there, and there at least three generations of Gori were born, until and Including Giuseppe Augusto (1898). 

It is not known (at this time) how many children they had.  However, his father's name was Luigi, and he used the same name for his first born son, who was born about 1850, and married probably in 1870.

Luigi then called his firstborn son Antonio, in honour of his father.