Name Place lived Birth - Death
Marie Antoinette LACAILLE Trinidad.

~1850 - ~1918

Married to Joseph JOHN and later to Alloy NEWALLO

Marie Antoinette Lacaille, also known as Tan Tan Achune, was born in Trinidad, probably in the 1850s.  She was petite, dark-skinned and beautiful.

She smoked a pipe, wore Martiniquan-type clothes complete with handkerchief, and spoke patois (a combination of broken French with English and Spanish words).  She lived at Exchange Village, Couva, when Jane Ann, her first daughter was born.  She later lived in Williamsville and in Port of Spain.

She was married twice.  Her first husband, Joseph John, was from China.   Apparently he returned to China when their daughter, Jane Ann, was still a baby.  After some time elapsed and he had not returned, she married Alloy Newallo, also from China.

However, Joseph John returned to Trinidad and found that his wife had re-married.  Marie Antoinette now had the problem of two husbands.  Joseph John made no fuss and went to live in the Chinese community.  One day, while playing mahjong in a Chinese club, a man ran into the club and stabbed him.  He died from the wounds.  Apparently it was a case of mistaken identity.   This was the final resolution of Marie Antoniette's problem.

Marie Antoinette died at 25 George Street, Port of Spain, at the home of her grandson Alloy Newallo.