Name Place lived Birth - Death
Angiola (Angela, Angelina) CASTIGLI Arezzo 1907/10/7 - 2000/5/15

(married to Giuseppe Augusto Gori)

Angiola (nonna Angelina) was the daughter of Vincenzo (nonno Cencio) Castigli and Emilia Deni.  She was raised as a very spiritual and religious person  and studied French and math.  She was devoted to her parents.



She lived in the house at Porta San Lorentino, just inside the antique walls of the city of Arezzo with her parents, two older brothers and a maid.  The house was very old.  Cooking was made using coal from the fire and putting it on the "stove": a raised fireplace with cooking holes and grills.  Water had to be carried from the well.   When someone knocked at the main door downstairs, the front door was open by means of a rope going through a hole in the floor.  The steps to go to the main floor were made of stone, but were so eroded by hundreds of years of use that they were rounded at the center.  The kitchen was blackened with smoke from the fire, but it functioned as the living room, and there the family gathered for meals and relaxation.   A long wooden bench along the wall is where nonno Cencio sat.  The family had several farms to manage, but also participated in the service of Church and community.

Angiola is shown below  with her older brothers, Giovanni and Goro.

It is in her house, still very young (about 17), that she met Giuseppe Augusto, a young doctor from Certaldo (about 26) who was passing by and was invited to the Castigli's house.   They soon got married and she followed him where he was assigned to practice: Foiano della Chiana, Castiglion Fibocchi and then Tregozzano, about seven kilometers north of Arezzo, where they rented a nice house with a long, steep driveway between two rows of high cypress trees.  Their four children enjoyed the wood and the garden on the property and made friends with neighboring farmers.

About eighteen years later Angela had another child, but two months before the child was born, her husband died in a car accident (1950). She named her child Giuseppe Augusto in memory of her husband. She was just over 42 at the time.

About a year later (1951) she moved with her child to Certaldo with her in-laws: Antonio and Clorinda.  After three years Clorinda died and Angiola now had to take care of her child and her father in law.  Fortunately her two grown sons were still helping her when they were off their university studies and stayed in Certaldo.


She took care of Antonio until his death in 1961.  Then with her youngest child in boarding school and the others all working she stayed more and more with her grown children and her grandsons and granddaughters in Firenze, Tregozzano and Pisa.  She inherited two small farms and a piece of land in Arezzo, contiguous to her parent's old house.  She invested some money in Firenze, buying an apartment in Via Cernaia, which her son Pierluigi and her daughter Cecilia both used while they were single in Florence.

In 1964 she started a construction project on her piece of land inside the walls of Arezzo, transforming a small lemon greenhouse into a livable two-level house, imbedded in the old walls of the city and looking just as old.  She made that her home, although she continued visiting her children.  She also managed the two farms, producing olive oil in one and grains in the other.


She also traveled to Canada in two occasions in the eighties, where her youngest child had established a family.  However, she always wanted to be back in Certaldo, near her husband's tomb. 
She remained bright and authoritative 'till her eighties.  After a stroke, in the late 90's, she lost part of her memory and ability to speak fluently.  She continued however to listen to "Radio Maria" and, in spite of arthritis, a cancerous growth in the lower intestine and some heart problems she managed to live to almost 93.  She died peacefully in Tregozzano the day after mother's day in the year 2000.

Here she is with her grandchildren Eugenio, Alessandra and Mariangela, in May 1980 in Pisa.