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"We expect government officials to tell the truth at all times, privately as well as publicly..." (From: "Economic Optimalism", Giuseppe Gori - 2009)




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1. Turning from "disastrous", to "very bad" (Aug. 2009)


2. Only the "worthy" of living will live

3. When most of us will be "equalized"

4. A Plan for more unemployment?

UPDATE: January 2010: 9.7%
What now? Another "Stimulus", of course!

5. Redefining history, or "born again?"

6. What change?

7. Sleeping at church?

8. A friendly talk with seniors


9. No jailed friends

10. Words of Reassurance


11. Who is fabricating?


12. Just change the definition

13. Just say so... and the deficit is gone

14. More smoke screen


15. What's in a number?

(President Obama downsized this number on Sept. 9, 2009 to just 30 Million)

16. I don't know him either


17. Repeating it makes it True?


18. More "nuances"


19. The way to go...


20. Math goes out of the window

 3000 percent decrease

21. The facts don't count