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In his 20 year work with the  Family Coalition Party of Ontario, having ran as a candidate in five elections, Giuseppe developed an understanding of social issues, politics and the economy, and the ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms.

During his ten years as the leader of a pro-life, pro family political party, Giuseppe has been interviewed by major media, has contributed to Canadian and US publications and has participated to panels and debates on family issues, life issues and political issues.

As the party leader, he was responsible for selecting and training as many as 83 candidates for Ontario general elections, teaching how to promote family and life values, how to answer questions in debates and how to answer media questions.

Through his consistent behaviour in his personal, business and public life, Giuseppe has gained a reputation as a person routed on truth and moral  values. Giuseppe is an orthodox Catholic committed to the Culture of Life.

Giuseppe is a multi-faceted and experienced person who has learnt from extensive life experiences. He was educated and worked in Italy, lived and worked in Canada and the United States, traveled extensively through Europe and North America, and visited Japan, Korea and Australia.

His technical background and business experience allow Giuseppe to have an informed and balanced view on the issues affecting families, from basic human rights to life issues, from marriage to education, from healthcare to the economy.

Giuseppe is a positive thinking individual who can motivate an audience through his example of activism and commitment to the cause. Listeners will ask themselves: "If not me, who?"

 Giuseppe is a graduate of the Leadership Institute's "International Training Seminar" (Washington, DC).


Family Organizations

Pro-life and Right to Life groups


Christian, Political, Family Rallies


The role of government, electoral reform, healthcare reform, parental choice in education, energy production and use, philosophical foundation for conservatism, media bias.

Why the family is fundamental, traditional marriage, no fault divorce.

Why government should protect life from conception, When life begins, population explosion?

Economic Optimalism: a second renaissance, how a stimulus package works.

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Why liberals want to normalize addictive lifestyles?

Why North American public education has deteriorated?

Why is there a “red shift” in politics?

Marxism or Capitalism?

Do Liberals have the monopoly on poverty?

Are pro-lifers interventionists?


FEES and Travel:

Non-profit: $1,500
Keynote: $2,500

Giuseppe requires coach class for 1 from Toronto, Ontario or from Guntersville, Alabama.

   Some of Giuseppe's writings:

E-book download:Marxism or Capitalism? Discover Economic Optimalism

E-book download:A Unifying Approach to Macro-Economics

        Vision for this century
        Understanding rights and freedoms
        Understanding social economy
        Understanding the Electoral System

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